“Cloud & On-Premise” Hybrid Package

Our state of the art “Hybrid” package. It combines the cloud world of DWC and SAC together with the on-premise world. This package will extend your current ability to serve your end-users beyond what was possible before.

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This is the ultimate package to combine on-premise with the cloud. Bringing together all your data from your SAP system and non-SAP systems to then visualize it in a great UI.

For the combination of your company core data to other data-sources and extension by individual KPIs and attributes plus there visualization. Here is the complete package that covers all aspects.

Get the most our of your SAP investment or see what is possible with SAP on-premise and cloud to make your company and processes truly digital.


  • Complete coverage of on-premise data to cloud integration with other data sources
  • data visualization for highest transparency and decision support
  • single-point-of-truth
  • extension of company core data with KPIs and attributes
  • high flexibility to adjust for increase change in processes and business environment