Assortment Planning – Standard

Get started with Assortment Planning. Assortment Width and Depth Planning to automatic Size-Curve distribution and ready to export for the purchasing process + allocation management.

Get Started

Plan your assortments over the seasons. Select reference data, include your store clusters and send everything to purchasing & allocation management

Assortment Planning lets you define your assortments, make adjustments and manage additional attributes. You have the support of machine learning to understand which products shall best be picked & how much is actually best to order in which size.

A complete Placeholder Management is also included.

Assortment Planning comes with a powerful Store Clustering application as well as a flexible attribute management and the automatic distribution to sizes.


  • Store Clustering application
  • Assortment Planning Width
  • Assortment Planning Depth
  • Visual Planning with picture integration
  • Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning functionality to create forecasts
  • Automtatic Size-Curve distribution
  • Placeholdermanagement
  • Attributmanagement
  • Realized Lifecycle Maintenance
  • Minimum presentation
  • Sales Calendar for Campaign Management
  • Customizable ribbon & automatic jump from planning into reports.