Merchandise Planning

Get started with Merchandise Planning. From Strategy to Merchandise Financial Planning. All integrated – All with flexible features & functions to make Merchandise Planning truly powerful.

Get Started

Plan your budgets, integrate them and get the support of predictive analytics & machine learning.

Merchandise Financial Planning builds the foundation for your category budgets. This part is essential to any further process step in order to control how much budget shall be allocated for which category.

Create your budgets, align them with Assortment Planning and get the support from predictive analytics & machine learning to have fast results you can rely on.


  • Channel Plan, Manage Locations, Customer Sales Share, Store Plan & Merchandise Financial Plan all covered in this package.
  • Functions that align the plans Bottom-Up & Top-Down
  • Simulation possibilities
  • Create Budget & Forecast Versions
  • Reports
  • Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning functionality to create forecasts
  • 120+ KPIs
  • Customizable ribbon & automatic jump from planning into reports.