Using our Model Company approach


Faster results, lower investments and no risk. Accelerate your project and time to value.


Pre-defined results for a fixed investment. 


Deployment of pre-packages executed by GF-Partners

Merchandise Planning

Get started with Merchandise Planning. From Strategy to Merchandise Financial Planning. All integrated – All with flexible features & functions to make Merchandise Planning truly powerful.

Assortment Planning – Standard

Get started with Assortment Planning. Assortment Width and Depth Planning to automatic Size-Curve distribution and ready to export for the purchasing process + allocation management.

Assortment Planning – Extended

Extend your Assortment Planning process with Option Planning.

Assortment Planning – PrePacks Extension package

You want use PrePacks for your allocation and purchase process. This is the extension package that gets you there.

UDF & Predictive Analytics Package

You want to make use of the latest Forecasting & Machine Learning Tools? Choose this package and SAP UDF as well as GF-Partners Predictive Analytics algorithms make sure your forecasting turns your data into valuable insights!

SAC Dashboard & Reporting

Bring your user-experience to the next level. Great templates bring more transparency to your data and help make the right decisions.

SAC Planning

Need to perform planning of budgets, HR or simply set limits / thresholds for other processes. This is the package that gets you there.

DWC Package

You need a Data Warehouse environment to combine all different sources of data and harmonize it. Also you want to enable your Business to add individual information without getting in touch with IT. This package gives you the answer on how to make it happen.

SAC + DWC Extension Package

Combining the flexible front-end environment of the SAC together with the power of a cloud Data Warehouse. This package combines both worlds.

“Cloud / On-Premise” Hybrid Package

Our state of the art “Hybrid” package. It combines the cloud world of DWC and SAC together with the on-premise world. This package will extend your current ability to serve your end-users beyond what was possible before.