UDF & Predictive Analytics Package

You want to make use of the latest Forecasting & Machine Learning Tools? Choose this package and SAP UDF as well as GF-Partners Predictive Analytics algorithms make sure your forecasting turns your data into valuable insights!

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Make most out of your data and create meaningful forecasts with SAP UDF (Unified Demand Forecasting) & GF-Partners predictive Analytics.

You need to predict sales or want when the next maintenance shall be performed? You want to send your service mechanics to your customer before the machine has a costly downtime?

This package makes sure you turn your data into actions and help make the best plans . Get away from only gut-feeling and experience and let your data help you create forecasts and predictions.


  • Usage of SAP UDF.
  • Usage of GF-Partners predictive Analytics algorithms
  • Definiton of Demand Influencing Factors (DIF)
  • Initialization of plans automated by the system
  • Integration into your scenario
  • Comparison Reports
  • Parameter Control Center for full control over forecasts
  • Special Parameters for Retail industry